Official name : The People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Capital : Dhaka
Location : Latitude between 20 34′ and 26 39′ North. Longitude between 88 00′ and 92 41′ East.
Area : 1,43,988 sq. km.
Boundary : Bounded by India on the North, East & West and by the Bay of Bengal & Myanmar on the South.
Climate:  Grishha (Summer-mid April to mid June), Barsha (Monsoon-mid June to mid August), Sharot (Postmonsoon mid August to mid October), Hemanto (Autamn-mid October to mid December), Sheeth (Winter-mid December to mid February), Basanto (Spring-mid February to mid April), The maximum temperature in summer ranges between 30oC and 40’C while the minimum during the winter may go as low as 40oC with a range of 12oC – 20oC. The annual rainfall varies from 50 inches intihe west to 100 inches in the north and to 200 inches in the submountain regions. Rains are often accompanied by tropical cyclones and storms in summer.
Population: Total estimated population is 166 million. Density of Population per sq. mile is 3416. Muslims are 85%, Hindus are 10% and others 5%.
Language: Bangla is state language but English is widely spoken.
National days: National Mourning day 21st February, Independence day 26th March and Victory day 16th December.
Principal crops: Rice, Jute, Tobacco, Tea, Sugar cane, Potato, Vegetables etc.
Principal fruits: Mango, Banana, Pine-apple, Jack fruit, Water-melon, Green coconut, Guava, Lichis etc.
Airports: Hazrat Shah Jalal (R.) International Airport, Dhaka. Other Airports are at Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Jessore, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Saidpur, Barisal and Ishordi. 3 International  Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong
Seaports : Chittagong & Mongla.
Tourist Season: October to March.
Main Tourist Attractions: Bengali New Year, Colourful tribal life, Longest natural sea beach at Cox’s Bazar and Kuakata, Centuries old Archaeological sites, The Royal Bengal Tigers at Sundarbans, Largest tea gardens, Interesting riverine life. Maynamoti Buddha Bihar, Mahastangar (Pundra Bardhan) at Bogra, Kuthibari at Shahjadpur, Sirajgonj, Pabna etc.
Wearing Apparel (Dress): Tropical in summer and light-woolen in winter.
Currency: The unit of the currency is Taka. One Dollar is equal to Taka 80+, 1 Pound is equal to Taka 120+, 1 Euro is equal to Taka 100+, variable according to daily rates.
Transport: Rickshaw, Autorickshaw, Taxi, Uber, Bus, Train, Steamer, Boat etc. are the main public transports. Taxi & Uber are available throughout the capital only.
Food : Although Western and Chinese foods are available, the vistors will miss a new experience if he/she leaves the
country without tasting delicious sub-continental food. Rice being the staple food. Preparations are abundant in variety.
“Pulao” being the favourite among the rice dishes. The mixed preparation of rice and meat, ‘Biriyani” is very popular.
One can take his own choice of mutton, chicken and beef dishes. Some of the palatable meat preparations are ‘Sheekh Kabab’, Tikka Kabab’, ‘Jali Kaab, ‘Shami Kabab’ ‘Botti Kabab’, ‘ Gorda Kabab’ etc. ‘Halim’ and ‘Fuchka’ are very popular light tasty food of evening meal.
Banks: Banks remain open for transection from 10:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs from Sunday to Thursday. But the several money exchange centers remain open till 20:00 hrs.
Immigration and Entry Requirements: A valid visa is essential. However, on special situation Immigration Department may be requested for issue of short term visa to the delegates of other countries on receiving prior information. The congress secretariat is always ready to fulfill your visa requirement.
When Leaving Bangladesh: Handicarfts and other Bangladeshi products (except Archaeological ones) can be carried out.

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