Dear respected EC member and life member.

It is my pleasure to on board BSM protocol of bedside management of Covid-19 .
This is a very simple short and Easy bed side tool.
This is the first version .I believe after getting valuable input from honorable life members we can go for the 2nd version soon.This protocol is dedicated to the memory of our beloved life member Dr Moyeen uddin . I gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Dr Moyeen’s brother Dr Faisal Choudhury, who is a pulmonologist in Australia and Dr Ayaz chowdhury one of the senior physician in Australia along with his other colleagues from Australia who directly contributed to the guideline and Moyeens management.
I also thanks Prof Khan Abul kalam Azad sir for coordinating the total team.

Best regards


Prof Ahmedul kabir
Secretary general
Bangladesh society of medicine

Prof Billal Alam
Bangladesh society of medicine